The Traveler 

A long time ago a man was traveling. On the way he met a family. He said, "I'm going very far away. Would you let me stay with you for the night? I need to rest before I continue in the morning." The family welcomed him into their home. They brought him pillows and blankets and food to eat.
Later that evening, the family's animals came home. They killed a sheep. They gave the meat and some milk to the traveler. The traveler was so hungry that he ate it all up without sharing any of it with the family.
The owner of the house asked the traveler, "Where are you going, and why are you going there?"
The traveler answered, "I am going to see a doctor because I have stomach problems. I have such a bad appetite. I can't eat very much."
The owner of the house was so surprised. Then he said, "You say that your appetite is bad. I beg you not to return this way after you get medicine for your bad appetite." Then the owner said to his family, "What will he eat after he gets the medicine? Now he eats only one sheep. When he returns from the doctor, he will eat ten sheep."

Lesson : The egoist thinks only of himself, but he must know he is not alone in the world.

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