The Power of Education 

Once upon a time, two men were travelling together. They were cousins. They were on their way to a special school that taught religion. While they were traveling, they stopped at a town that was ruled by an uneducated king. Since it was a Friday, they prayed at the mosque where the king talked nonsense. They slept in this town at night. In the morning they continued their travels. Finally, they reached their destination and they started to learn about the Islam religion. After they finished their religious education, one of the men said, "Let's go back home."

The other one said, "I will not go back home until I learn about politics." The first man said okay, and he started travelling back home.

He returned to the town where the uneducated king lived. When he was in this town, the king was leading Friday's prayer again. The man prayed with them. After they had finished the prayers, the king gave a speech. He said anything he wanted because he was not educated. No one dared to say that the king was wrong. However, the man who learned religion took over the speech. He changed everything that the king said. He made the king look like a fool. The king ordered his soldiers to put the man in prison. They took the man from the mosque, and took him to jail. They put him in a dungeon.

After two years, the prisoner's cousin returned to the town after he finished his political education. He didn't know his cousin was in jail. It was another Friday (Prayer day for Muslims). When they finished prayers, the king started to give his same old speech. After the king finished the speech, the man who learned politics raised his hand. The king let him talk. The man said, "Your king is so intelligent." He kept praising the king. Then he said, "The luckiest person in this world is the person who prays with this king for four Fridays, but you would be luckier to cut one hair from his head. Everyone started running to get a hair from the King's head. A mosque full of people tried to grab the King's hair. They climbed all over the King, trying to get his hair. The King died. Then the people who lived in the town chose the man who learned politics to be their King. He let his cousin out of jail. He had very tangled and matted hair after being in jail for two years.

Lesson : Any education you gain will help you one day.

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