The Foolish Man and the Thief 

A long time ago a thief was walking along the road looking for someone to rob. He met a man that lived with his family in a small house nearby. The thief asked the man if he lived in the nearby house. The man said he did. The thief then said, "Bring me to your house. I want to stay with your family tonight."

The man said to the thief, "If you go into my house, please don't steal the things that I have hidden around my house." The foolish man then told the thief all the secret hiding places and he added, "Please don't take all of my valuable things. If you take my things, I'll ask you to come back so I can take all my things back from you. Then I'll call the people to kill you."

The thief went to the foolish man's house, and took everything from him. The thief then said, "I wish that I would always have a foolish man like this to steal from."

Lesson : Don't tell your secrets to someone you don't trust.

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