The Hyena and the Fox 

Once upon a time a fox became a problem to a nomadic settlement. This fox attacked and ate their goats and sheep. One day the people gathered together to plan how they could kill this troublesome fox. The people decided to set a trap.

The fox fell into the trap that was set for her. After awhile, the people came and tied her to a tree. The people decided to throw the fox into the fire.

They dug a hole near the tree where the fox was tied, and they gathered wood and they put the wood into the hole. They lit a fire, and said, "Let's come back when the fire is ready. Then we will throw this troublesome fox into the hole."

Soon after the people left, a very hungry hyena came by. He heard the fox whining. He came closer, thinking he could steal the fox's meal. He was very surprised to see that the fox was tied up to a tree. "What happened?" he asked.

The fox answered, "My uncle tied me here. My uncle really loves me. He tied me to this tree because he saw how thin and weak I am. He went out to kill a goat to cook in this fire so I can eat to get fat again. But I am not hungry now because I've been eating so much meat lately. Every time I try to escape, my uncle catches me, ties me to a tree, and he makes me eat more meat. Every time I eat, I get a stomach ache. I'm afraid that my uncle will kill me if I can't eat the meat."

The hyena opened her mouth very wide because fat juicy meat was her favorite food. The fox said, "Untie me from this tree so I can then tie you up. Then you can eat the meat, and I won't have a stomach ache." The hyena agreed to the plan. He untied the fox, and the fox tied the hyena to the tree.

When the people returned to where they had tied the fox to the tree, they found the hyena tied to the tree instead. They were surprised, and said, "Hyena, where is the fox?"

Then the hyena said, "I untied her. Now she is gone. The fox said that she was not hungry. I'll eat the meat you brought for her."

Then the people threw the hyena into the fire. The greedy and foolish hyena died in the fire.


The lesson: You will be punished if you are too greedy.

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