Igal Shidal and the Lion Stump 

Once upon a time there was a man called Igal Shidal. It was night and Igal Shidal was traveling in the countryside. He saw what looked like a lion sitting in the middle of the path. He was a coward. He thought, "Oh, this is a lion." Igal Shidal stood where he was. He took his shield and spear, and got ready to fight the lion. He yelled loudly, trying to scare the lion away. But he was not able to scare it away. It just stood there. Igal Shidal was too scared to pass.

In the morning he saw the tree stump. He went closer to the stump, and he said, "Stump, you are one thing, and what I saw was something very different. What will I do ? I thought you were a lion about to attack me, but you are only a stump. I will never travel at night again."

Lesson: Don't be afraid of everything you don't recognize.

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