Ina Hagadare 

There was once a man named Ina Hagadare who had many sheep. The animals began to die every day. He wondered why his sheep were dying. He decided to divide the animals into two equal parts separated by a fence. One part was for Allah and the other was for him. He spoke to God, saying, "These animals are for you. You can kill them if you want. But please, do not touch my animals."

The next day the animals began again to die. Whenever one of his animals died, he went to the animals of Allah, and killed one. However, the animals did not stop dying. He said to himself, "Every time I talk to Allah, I am punished. Whenever I stop to talk to Allah, I am punished. My animals continue to die, no matter what I do."

Moral: Allah does not need animals. Try to help yourself to solve your problems.

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