A House for Two 

Once upon a time in the jungle there was a lion looking for a building plot for his family. He toured the jungle, found a place that suited him and said : Inch'allah tomorrow, I will plant the first pole for the foundation then meanwhile he went to sleep in the grass there next to his family.

At the same time a tigress was looking for a nice little spot to build a small nest for her young, toured the jungle and found a place that suited her perfectly, planted the first pole for the foundation because it was an emergency for her and said : I will continue tomorrow Inch'allah and went to hunt meat for her young. The next day the lion came back, found a pole planted on his land, knelt with his paws up to heaven and made his prayers. Oh! My God, I thank you for the strong hand you lent me to build more quickly my house, me and my family will always be grateful to you. My mane, my courage, my health. Amen. He planted another stake next to the first one and went home.

The tigress coming in her turn found another post next to hers, thanked God in her turn to have helped, added another pole and returned to her cubs. So they built the whole house until it was completed without ever meeting. Then they moved in the same day and came face to face in front of the door. Each family being sure to be the one legitimate owner and feeling offended by the other, pushed their little ones inside, unfurled their claws, curled their moustaches showing their sharp canines and grunted furiously. But the tigress realized that the battle was not going to be equal. Because before her she found a couple, while she is alone. She returned her claws, let loose her nose and softened by requesting an arrangement because despite everything she built the house with them. The King was generous and did not hesitate to decide. Each family will live in one room and the lounge and the garden will be for everyone and no more. But the tigress did not intend to stop there, because she decided to have the house for her and her cubs alone, especially since there was another problem, going hunting she was forced to leave her children unattended and there was always one parent lion in the area and she did not trust them. One night around midnight she awoke her young by scratching them with her claws so strong that they were mewing aloud, and at the same time she shouted at them to shut up. The incessant crying of course disturbed the lion family sleeping nearby. The lion awoke yawning, addressed the tigress and said : Madam, are you sure that you fed properly ?

Yes sir Lion, I assure you, I brought them game as usual, because I never give them the same carcass twice. She answered his mildest way.

But since they have had enough fresh meat of doe and stag, they now refuse to eat and require lion's liver tonight. The lions raised their ears in alarm. But the next day she started again scratching them at the same hour.

One night the lions, fed up with the idea that the tigress might extract their livers during their sleep to give to her young, because, as we all know, a mother is capable of anything to satisfy her children, moved noiselessly away.

Lesson : if you can't afford to confront your enemies, try to overthrow them by trick.

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