The three Oxen 

Once upon a time there were three oxen of three different colours living together to help each other against possible attacks from flesh eaters. There was one black, one red and one white.

The lion who wanted to eat them but dared not attack all three at the same time, watched them from afar plotting plans.

One day he approached the white ox and said : Are not you ashamed to live with two very ugly oxen ? In your place I would proudly graze in the forest alone.

The white bull pondered the words of the lion all night and the next morning went in the opposite direction from his buddies. Immediately after he was alone the lion jumped on him and ate him. Once digested, the lion returned to the charge and told the same thing to the red ox who let himself be convinced and was devoured in turn.

Some time later the lion stood before the black ox and said : I've just come to eat you as I have already done to your friends and since you have no chance against me alone, it is better to prepare yourself to die. The black ox replied, "anyway I died the day the white bull died" and he let himself be eaten opposing any resistance.

Lesson : Unity is strength, division causes loss.

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