The Elephant and the Squirrel 

A long time ago an elephant and a squirrel were friends. They would play together. One day they went swimming. The elephant carried the squirrel and put him in the water. Then he left him alone to swim. The squirrel struggled for air because he could not swim. The elephant didn't know that the squirrel couldn't swim and that he was struggling to get out of the water. The squirrel got stuck in the mud, and he was very tired. When the elephant came back to get the squirrel, he saw that the squirrel was tired and sad. He played with the squirrel, and carried him on his trunk. The elephant was trying to make the squirrel happy.

The next day the squirrel came to the elephant. The squirrel said, "I came here to tell you, my friend, that the fun we had yesterday is killing me. The things that are fun for you are not good for me. I can't stand this anymore."

The elephant was so surprised. He said, "All I wanted was to play with you, and to be friends with you. You say that I'm hurting you instead of playing with you. What did I do to you ?"

Then the squirrel said, "What you like may not be what I like. So please, my friend, leave me alone."

Lesson : Everyone does not like the same thing. What one person likes doesn't mean it's good for everyone. Don't expect everyone to like what you like, and don't think that you should like what everyone else likes. Don't be friends with someone that could hurt you.

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