A Play : Two Men Who Fought 

Time : A long time ago

Place : Somalia

Characters :

  • Narrator
  • Omar
  • Mohamed
  • The wise man

Narrator : Once there were two men who fought over some sheep.

Omar : This sheep is mine. He was eating on my land, and he has been with my other sheep for a few days. That makes him my sheep.

Mohamed : Just because he went to eat on your land, doesn't make him yours. I paid good money for this sheep, and I fed him good food. Now you want to keep him. That isn't fair !

Omar : Fair ! That sheep wandered over here on his own. He joined my flock and ate my food. This sheep is mine! Mine! Did you hear me ? He is MINE !

Mohamed : Are we going to keep fighting ? Anyone could tell that this sheep is mine. I'm not going to let you have the sheep unless someone that we both trust says you should have the sheep.

Omar : Yes, let's go to the wise man of the village. He will listen to both of us, and he will solve the problem.

Narrator : Both men went together to talk to the wise man.

Wise man : Hello, Omar and Mohamed. What is your problem ?

Omar : One of Mohamed's sheep wandered over to join my flock. It has been eating my grass for at least three days. Now that sheep is mine ! I have been feeding it along with my other sheep.

Mohamed : No, my sheep simply got lost as so many sheep do. I tried to find my sheep. Finally, after three days, I found my sheep with his flock. I asked him to return my sheep, but he wouldn't. Now, we're here for you to settle the matter.

Narrator : The wise man thought for a long time before he said anything. He looked at each man, and then he spoke.

Wise man : Omar, you must return Mohamed's sheep. Just because Mohamed's sheep got lost, doesn't mean you can keep it. What if one of your family got lost. Let's say that Mohamed found them and gave them food and drink. Does that make them his family ? Of course not ! Now, return the sheep to Mohamed at once.

Omar : Okay. I understand now. I'll return the sheep. I'm sorry Mohamed.

Mohamed : Thank you, Omar. I hope we can be friends.

Mohamed and Omar : Thank you, wise man.

Wise man : You're welcome.

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