Omar and the Hyena 

Once upon a time there was a man named Omar who cared for goats belonging to other people. He was paid each month to take the villagers' goats to the pasture close to the village. One day he decided that he wanted to go to the city to have lunch. He made a plan so he could go. He took the goats back to the village, and yelled, "There is a hyena! Help! Help! Come help !"
The villagers came with their weapons to help Omar with the goats. When the people came, there was no hyena. However, they took the goats and Omar to the village.
Omar said that he lied. After a few days he did the same thing again. He shouted again, "There is a hyena !" When the people came, there was no hyena and no sign of a hyena. They began to doubt. They asked him to tell the truth. Then he said, " I was afraid of something and I wanted someone to keep me company." The people were very surprised, and they felt bad. They gave him the name, Omar the Liar. After that, no one believed Omar again.
Another day, while he was tending his goats, a real hyena came, and Omar yelled for help. "There's a hyena coming !" No one came. The hyena ate Omar.

Lesson : Lying is very bad. Your first lie kills trust. No one will ever believe you, even if you're telling the truth.

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